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Welcome to True J's Skincare

Now that I've changed to a healthier lifestyle, I've decided not to just focus on my inner body but also my outer body.  So, since skin is our largest organ, why not naturally cleanse and protect it! In this wellness journey (in & out) becoming more conscious, I decided to focus on skincare.  By exploring everyday products in my home, I created 6 signature soaps that address many skin types.  To complete your daily skincare regimen, I've added a butter souffle', body scrub, shower steamer, a bath bomb, and a foaming soap scrub.  


With love,

True J

NOTE: Please bear with us as we evolve the site.  

Body Soaps

Image of soaps

The soaps are all natural; each bar has different oils thereby making them unique for all skin types. 

Triple Butter Souffles

Image of souffle

Butter Souffles contain no water; therefore they keep the skin moisturized longer and stays on longer than lotions.  

Body Scrubs

Image of body scrub

Scrubs are granules that exfoliate and hydrate your skin leaving it smooth and soft.  When you massage the granules over your body, they help to slough off dead skin, and the rubbing encourages circulation by increasing blood flow to the skin's surface.

Foaming Soap Scrub

Image of Soap Scrub

The foaming soap scrub provides the best of both worlds, a soap and  a scrub.  The softness of whipped soap and the exfoliating of a scrub. 

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